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Digital Nomad Docs with Dr. Kristine Goins: Episode 116

Episode Title: Digital Nomad Docs with Kristine Goins, MD

Achieving Balance and Freedom as a Digital Nomad Doctor with Dr. Kristine Goins, MD

Amanda, Laura, and Kendra

Dr. Kristine Goins, MD, Integrative Adult and Pediatric Psychiatrist, Digital Nomad

In this episode, Amanda, Laura, and Kendra welcome Dr. Kristine Goins, an integrative adult and pediatric psychiatrist who is also a digital nomad. Dr. Goins shares her journey from medical training to becoming a digital nomad, empowering doctors to achieve a balanced and fulfilling life while working less and traveling the world.

Key Points:

1. Introduction to Dr. Kristine Goins:
- Integrative adult and pediatric psychiatrist
- Digital nomad empowering doctors to work less and travel the world

2. Dr. Goins' Medical Training and Journey:
- Grew up in New Jersey and attended Rutgers for college and medical school
- Participated in a combined program called ACCESS Med
- Always had a passion for travel, which began in college with a study abroad program in Spain

3. Balancing Medicine and Travel:
- First major travel experience was in Costa Rica during med school
- Chose a fellowship program with an international month away in Nepal
- Learned the importance of integrating passions outside of medicine

4. Becoming a Digital Nomad:
- Explanation of what a digital nomad is
- Dr. Goins lives in a different city every month and a different country every three months
- Importance of digitizing income streams to work from anywhere

5. Challenges and Burnout:
- Experienced extreme burnout during her early career
- Realized the need to create a balanced life and prioritize personal well-being
- Decided to quit her academic job and booked a one-way ticket to Colombia

6. Steps to Becoming a Digital Nomad:
- Digitizing medical expertise and creating cash-based services
- Navigating licensing, malpractice, and insurance considerations
- Overcoming fear and limiting beliefs

7. Financial and Emotional Preparation:
- Importance of having a financial cushion and emergency fund
- Commitment to personal goals and values
- Developing psychological safety and trust in oneself

8. Therapeutic Benefits of Travel:
- Enhances moment-to-moment awareness and cognitive flexibility
- Provides time freedom and allows for introspection
- Encourages innovation and imagination

9. Reclaiming Value Outside of Medicine:
- Importance of recognizing personal value beyond the medical profession
- Utilizing transferable skills in various fields
- Broadening horizons and contributing to different communities

10. Working with Dr. Kristine Goins:
- Helping doctors work less and live anywhere
- Various stages of clients, from those wanting to travel part-time to those wanting to live abroad full-time
- Contact information: [The Nomad MD](, Instagram: @thenomadmd, Facebook: The Nomad MD

Dr. Kristine Goins inspires listeners with her journey of balancing a fulfilling medical career with the freedom of travel. Her insights into overcoming burnout, reclaiming personal value, and creating a life aligned with one's passions provide valuable lessons for physicians and professionals alike.

Check out Dr. Kristine Goins' website and social media for more information on becoming a digital nomad. Visit [The Whole Physician]( for their Wellness 911 program designed to help doctors go from fried to fantastic.

You are whole, you are a gift to medicine, and the work you do matters.