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We help frustrated, fed-up physicians feel better STAT with our Wellness 911 program.


Join us for: "What's the ICD-10 Code for Injury Sustained in a Dumpster Fire?"

You won't want to miss this FREE Anti-Burnout Class. Join us to learn some of the surprising reasons why doctors are feeling so frustrated and trapped, and discover evidence-based solutions for how to feel better, STAT. This is the place for tips for surviving the dumper-fire you're working in.









Got Burnout? Click here.

Hey Doc, we know you take care of your patients at the highest level.


But who is taking care of you?

Are you exhausted and wondering how much longer you can do this job?


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Here's what our clients have to say:

“Working with a coach has done more for my wellness than any of our hospital’s initiatives ever have. . . I only wish I’d started it earlier in my career and that more docs had access to this wonderful tool to combat physician burnout.”

-S.T., Emergency Physician

 "I have participated in group wellness, exercise, seminars, conferences, etc. but none of those have made as much difference as one-on-one coaching.”
-A.G., Emergency Physician

“I really have loved this life coaching program! It helps people get their own power back by taking responsibility for their lives!! I highly recommend this program and think it is one of the missing links in healthcare today!”

-R.T., Psychiatrist

"Your coaching service has been truly transformative for me and has allowed me to not only give myself what I've really needed, but also share myself in much healthier and sustainable ways. I look forward to paying this forward and will continue to refer other colleagues and friends to you. Thank you for your deeply meaningful and courageous work."

-A.M., Hospitalist Physician