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Hey, Doc. We know you take care of your patients at the highest level. 


But who is taking care of you? 


Are you exhausted, frustrated, and wondering how much longer you can do this job?


You are in the right place. 

We are 3 ER Docs with over 50+ years working in busy ERs. Chances are we've felt exactly what you're feeling today, even wanting to leave medicine altogether. Heck, 2 of the 3 of us actually DID quit medicine temporarily to regain our sanity.

Exhaustion and frustration? 

Relationship problems?

Overwhelming dread before each shift?

We've been there. But we learned how to really take care of ourselves-something medical training never taught us-and that changed everything. Now it's our mission to help other doctors feel better, STAT.


Imagine feeling good at work and great at home.



Here's what our clients have to say:

“Working with a coach has done more for my wellness than any of our hospital’s initiatives ever have. . . I only wish I’d started it earlier in my career and that more docs had access to this wonderful tool to combat physician burnout.”

-S.T., Emergency Physician

 "I have participated in group wellness, exercise, seminars, conferences, etc. but none of those have made as much difference as one-on-one coaching.”
-A.G., Emergency Physician

“I really have loved this life coaching program! It helps people get their own power back by taking responsibility for their lives!! I highly recommend this program and think it is one of the missing links in healthcare today!”

-R.T., Psychiatrist

"The coaching provided is a game changer. I've learned to view responsibility for myself - my happiness and wellness - as a source of power instead of a source of blame. My confidence and resilience have never been stronger, and I've gained the wisdom to tend to others without sacrificing my own well-being. I smile a lot more now, too!"


How well are you taking care of you?

Do you feel exhausted? Like you're not doing any of your long list of responsibilities particularly well? Do you wonder how things got so bad in a career that was supposed to be amazing? Do you obsess over every little thing?  Are you agitated at work and crabby at home? You aren't alone.  We've been there. And we can help.

It is time for the healers' well-being to become the first priority.

 Our programs help with:

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Burnout/Moral Injury

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Self-Confidence

  • Relationship Issues

  • Work Performance

  • Personal Health/Weight Loss

  • Organization

  • Productivity

  • Money Issues

Our programs integrate evidence-based interventions targeting  physician burnout.

Multiple randomized controlled trials prove these interventions work for physicians with lasting results.

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Ready to self-extricate from the dumpster fire?


If you’d like to learn how to feel more empowered, confident, peaceful, and hopeful--we can help.

Nothing makes us happier than helping our clients. By making a few small changes, together we can change EVERYTHING--for the better.

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