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Business 101 with Nneka Unachukwu, MD: Episode 115

In this special episode, Amanda, Laura, and Kendra are joined by Dr. Nneka Unachukwu, also known as Dr. Una. Dr. Una is a pediatrician and serial entrepreneur who has been the CEO of her pediatric practice for the last 14 years and is the founder of EntreMD, a platform dedicated to helping physicians build profitable businesses. She shares her journey from medical school to becoming a successful entrepreneur, offering valuable insights and practical advice for physicians looking to start their own businesses.

Key Discussion Points:

1. Introduction of Dr. Una:
- Dr. Una’s background and journey in the medical field.
- Transition from OB GYN aspirations to becoming a pediatrician.
- Training at the University of Nigeria and Newark Beth Israel in New Jersey.

2. Journey to Entrepreneurship:
- Early career experiences and the unexpected push towards starting her own practice.
- Challenges faced as a new practice owner and overcoming initial hurdles.
- The pivotal moment of realizing that business skills are learnable and essential for success.

3. Building Business Skills:
- Importance of learning marketing, sales, and other business skills.
- Emphasizing that business skills can be acquired by anyone willing to learn.
- Overcoming personal limitations and embracing a growth mindset.

4. Key Elements of a Successful Business:
- Visibility: The necessity of making your business known and marketing effectively.
- Sales: The crucial role of asking for business and closing deals.
- Team Building: Hiring the right people and the importance of a supportive team.

5. Common Mistakes in Business:
- Resistance to necessary tasks and underestimating the effort required.
- Lack of a strong home team and support system.
- Mismanagement of finances and ignoring the importance of billing departments.

6. Private Practice Insights:
- Treating private practice as a business and focusing on profitability.
- Marketing strategies for private practices.
- The importance of sales and managing the billing department efficiently.

7. EntreMD:
- Overview of EntreMD and its mission to help physicians build profitable businesses.
- Resources available through EntreMD: podcast, books, and the EntreMD Business School.

8. Conclusion:
- Dr. Una’s appreciation for the podcast and its mission to support physicians.
- Encouragement for listeners to leave a review and check out the new version of the Wellness 911 course on The Whole Physician website.

Resources Mentioned:
- EntreMD podcast
- EntreMD Books
- EntreMD Business School Website

Call to Action:
- Leave a review to help other physicians and medical professionals find the podcast.
- Check out the Wellness 911 course on The Whole Physician website for more information on how to go from feeling fried to fantastic.

Closing Remarks:
"You are whole, you are a gift to medicine, and the work you do matters."