Writing Books as a Physician- Insights from Dr. Greg Neyman: Episode 110

In this episode, we dive deep into the unique world of a physician who wears many hats. Dr. Greg Neyman, an emergency physician and seasoned author, shares his journey from journaling during medical school to becoming a published author. He discusses the therapeutic aspects of writing, the challenges of self-publishing, and provides invaluable advice for physicians and readers alike who might be considering writing.

Guest:  Dr. Greg Neyman

1. The Multifaceted Life of Dr. Neyman:
- Background as an emergency physician, research director, computer programmer, data scientist, and author.
- Living in Southeastern Pennsylvania with his family and a miniature poodle.

2. Journey to Writing:
- How the pandemic offered time that sparked Dr. Neyman's transition from journaling to writing books.
- The influence of being an avid reader on his writing process.
- His first book's conception and development during a pivotal moment in 2020.

3. Challenges of Writing and Publishing:
- Overcoming the fear of imperfection and the constant comparisons to published works.
- The importance of resilience in writing, paralleling the learning curve in medical training.

4. Self-Publishing Insights:
- Detailed steps from drafting to publishing, including the roles of alpha and beta readers, editors, and sensitivity readers.
- The decision to self-publish for artistic freedom and control over the publishing process.

5. Themes in His Books:
- Addressing personal and systemic challenges in healthcare through fictional narratives.
- Using characters and stories to explore deep-seated issues like burnout, perfectionism, and the impact of systemic pressures on personal well-being.

6. Advice for Aspiring Writers:
- Start writing, no matter how imperfect it is.
- Use personal experiences and insights as a foundation for storytelling.

Dr. Neyman emphasizes the importance of embracing failures as learning opportunities, sharing that despite the low sales of his books, the personal growth and overcoming the fear of failure have been profoundly rewarding.

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Check out Dr. Neyman's books for a unique blend of medical insight and compelling storytelling. For those inspired to start their own writing journey, remember, the first step is as simple as penning down your thoughts.

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