"Mama Drama" with Milene Argo, MD: Episode 109

Title: Mama Drama with Dr. Milene Argo

Hosts: Amanda, Laura, and Kendra

Guest: Dr. Milene Argo

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Guest Introduction:
- Dr. Milene Argo, a practicing internist in Georgia with over 25 years of experience.
- Also a physician coach, introduced through Sunny Smith's coaching program.
- Known for her grounding presence, hula hooping, and salsa dancing skills.

Main Topic: Difficult Relationships
- Dr. Argo shares her journey in medicine and coaching.
- Discusses the challenges of balancing work and personal life.
- Talks about her difficult relationship with her mother and how coaching helped her navigate it.

Personal Growth and Self-Discovery:
- Dr. Argo's journey to self-awareness and setting boundaries.
- Importance of self-acceptance and understanding personal needs.
- Realizing the impact of developmental trauma and working on attachment issues.

Navigating Difficult Relationships:
- Strategies for dealing with challenging relationships, such as establishing boundaries and practicing self-awareness.
- Importance of communication and repair in relationships.
- Sharing personal experiences and lessons learned.

Final Thoughts:
- Encouragement to face challenges head-on and seek growth.
- Gratitude for personal development and being able to support loved ones.
- Invitation to check out the Wellness 911 program for demoralized doctors.

- Reminder that listeners are whole, a gift to medicine, and their work matters.
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