Client Success Story- Scott Bentz, MD: Episode 104

In this episode, we are joined by a special guest, Dr. Scott Bentz, an emergency medicine doctor from Minnesota, who shares his experience with our physician wellness program, Wellness 911. Dr. Bentz discusses his journey from burnout to wellness, the impact of coaching on his personal and professional life, and the importance of self-care and making choices for one's own well-being.

**Key Points Discussed:**

- **Introduction to Dr. Scott Bentz:** Dr. Bentz is an emergency medicine doctor in Minnesota who has experienced burnout throughout his career. He joined the Wellness 911 program to address these challenges.

- **Burnout in Medicine:** The hosts and Dr. Bentz discuss how burnout affects both male and female physicians, highlighting the need for wellness initiatives that cater to all.

- **Dr. Bentz's Experience with Wellness 911:** He shares how the program helped him identify cognitive errors, leading to a better understanding of his frustrations and how to address them. The flexibility of the program allowed him to focus on areas most relevant to him.

- **Impact of Coaching:** Dr. Bentz emphasizes the importance of realizing what one can change and letting go of what cannot be changed. He also notes the positive effects of the program on his family life and his ability to handle stress better.

- **Advice for Colleagues:** Dr. Bentz encourages other physicians experiencing burnout to consider wellness programs like Wellness 911. He highlights the clinical approach of the program, which is not focused on therapy but rather on practical strategies for improvement.

- **Closing Thoughts:** The hosts discuss the upcoming Revitalize Women Retreat and the launch of Wellness 911 Version 2.0. They conclude by affirming the importance of physician wellness and the value of programs that support it.

**Closing Message:** "You are whole, you are a gift to medicine, and the work you do matters."

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