Imposter Syndrome with Kristin Yates, DO: Episode 101

In this episode, we dive into Imposter Syndrome with Dr. Kristin Yates, DO.

Dr. Kristin Yates, DO is an accomplished OBGYN, coach, speaker, and the host of The Rebel Physician podcast. She's been a ecurring guest, previously featured in episodes 69 and 70 discussing "Inappropriate Things Doctors Brag About" and "Five Ways Your Medical Training Has Failed You"

 Tackling Imposter Syndrome
- Dr. Yates returns to delve into the topic of imposter syndrome, an area of her expertise
- Exploration of imposter syndrome's definitions, causes, and the pervasive feeling of not being good enough or deserving of one's accomplishments
- Discussion on how imposter syndrome particularly affects physicians, with insights into the psychological and systemic factors contributing to these feelings within the medical community

**Insights and Strategies:**
- Dr. Yates shares personal experiences and insights into overcoming imposter syndrome
- Strategies for recognizing and combating imposter syndrome, including normalization, acceptance, and reframing self-doubt
- The importance of community and conversation in addressing and alleviating feelings of being an imposter

**Closing Remarks:**
- Encouragement for listeners to embrace their achievements and to challenge the self-doubt associated with imposter syndrome
- Information on how to connect with Dr. Yates and join her Rebel Physician community for further support and resources

**Event Announcement:**
- Amanda, Kendra, and Laura will be featured speakers at the upcoming Revitalize Women's Retreat in Huntington Beach in April

- Reminder that everyone, especially in the demanding field of medicine, is susceptible to feelings of inadequacy, but through awareness and support, overcoming imposter syndrome is possible
- Encouragement for listeners to sign up for the weekly well check via the podcast's website

"Remember, you are whole, you are a gift to medicine, and the work you do matters."

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