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Maggie Reyes on Relationships: Episode 99

In this episode, hosts Amanda, Laura, and Kendra are thrilled to introduce a very special guest, Maggie Reyes, a renowned life and relationship coach with a knack for helping type A women enhance their marriages.

**Key Points Discussed:**

- **Introduction of Maggie Reyes:** Discover Maggie's unique approach to improving significant other relationships without waiting for the partner's action. Maggie brings a wealth of experience from her training with Esther Perel, the Gottman Institute, Layla Martin, and others. Her work focuses on empowering women in their relationships, utilizing both intuition and evidence-based strategies.

- **The Importance of Relationship Coaching for Physicians:** Maggie shares insights on common pitfalls in relationships for type A personalities, especially those in dual physician households. She emphasizes the need for contextual awareness and adapting skills that are successful in professional settings to personal relationships.

- **Strategies for a Happier Marriage:** Listeners get a sneak peek into Maggie's 12 core values for a fulfilling relationship. From learning to laugh about trivial disagreements to understanding the power of one person to instigate positive changes in a marriage, Maggie covers a broad spectrum of actionable advice.

- **Success Stories and Hope:** Maggie provides encouragement for those feeling stuck in their relationships, sharing success stories from her clients. She highlights the transformative power of mindset changes and practical tools based on cognitive science, neurobiology, and positive psychology.

- **Final Takeaway:** Maggie encourages listeners to start asking themselves what they truly want in their relationships and lives. Identifying and pursuing personal desires can lead to profound changes and fulfillment.

**Connect with Maggie Reyes:** For those interested in learning more about Maggie's work or seeking relationship coaching, visit her website at and listen to The Marriage Life Coach podcast.

**Closing Thoughts:** The hosts wrap up the episode by reminding listeners of the importance of self-care and the impact of healthy relationships on overall well-being. For more insights and resources, subscribe to our Weekly Well-Check at

**Thank You for Listening!** Remember, you are whole, you are a gift to medicine, and the work you do matters. 


Instagram: @themaggiesreyes

Book: Questions for Couples Journal

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