Authenticity in Relationships: Episode 98

In this episode, we dive deep into the concept of authenticity in relationships, a topic that's often underestimated but crucial for personal and professional growth, especially in the medical field.

**Key Topics Discussed:**

1. **Authenticity and Vulnerability:**
- Discussing Brene Brown's books, "Atlas of the Heart" and "The Gifts of Imperfection," the hosts explore the connection between authenticity and vulnerability in relationships.
- The discussion highlights how authenticity, though uncomfortable, is essential for meaningful connections.

2. **Understanding Love and Trust:**
- Analyzing various definitions of love, including the works of emotions researcher Barbara Fredrickson.
- Emphasizing the importance of nurturing relationships and the role of trust in deepening connections.

3. **Self-Love and Self-Trust:**
- The significance of self-love and trusting oneself, using Brene Brown's BRAVING acronym as a guide.
- Addressing the challenges physicians face in terms of self-criticism and the impact on relationships.

4. **Love, Belonging, and Worthiness:**
- Exploring the innate human need for love and belonging, and the idea of worthiness independent of achievements.
- Discussing the concept of belonging and the difference between fitting in and being authentic.

5. **Overcoming People Pleasing:**
- The dangers of people-pleasing and its impact on genuine connections.
- Understanding the importance of presenting the real version of oneself to foster true belonging and find one's tribe.

6. **Cultivating True Connection:**
- The role of imperfections in creating deep connections and the need to provide a safe space for sharing vulnerabilities.
- The challenge of perfectionism in medical culture and its effect on fostering belonging.

7. **Brene Brown's Three Truths of Love and Belonging:**
- Discussing the uncertainties of love and belonging and the importance of self-relationship.
- The irreducible need for love and belonging from infancy through adulthood.

**Closing Remarks:**
The hosts conclude by encouraging listeners to embrace vulnerability, trust themselves, and show up authentically in relationships. They invite listeners to join their email list at for more information.

**End Note:**
"Thank you for joining us today. Remember, you are whole, you are a gift to medicine, and the work you do matters."



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