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Manifesting Isn't Woo with Jess Holzworth: Episode 97

In this episode, Amanda, Laura, and Kendra are joined by Jess Holtzworth, a wellness specialist and life coach. Amanda recently had the pleasure of taking one of Jess's classes while at the Miraval Resort in Arizona (and the class was filled with other physicians). They discuss the concept of manifestation and how it can be used to create the life you desire. Jess shares the five steps of manifestation: get clear, feel, believe, act, and trust. She emphasizes the importance of mindset, releasing limiting beliefs, and taking action. The conversation also explores common obstacles to manifestation and provides tips for getting started. Additional resources, including a recommended book and podcast, are shared for further exploration. In this conversation, Jess Holzworth discusses manifestation and its principles. She shares resources for learning more about manifestation, including podcasts and books. Jess also talks about her work with clients and the services she offers. She mentions her website and upcoming manifestation sessions. Finally, the conversation concludes with closing remarks and gratitude for Jess's insights.


Manifestation is the process of using your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions to bring something into your physical reality.
The five steps of manifestation are: get clear, feel, believe, act, and trust.
Obstacles to manifestation include negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, fear, and lack of clarity.
To get started with manifestation, write a manifestation list, create a supportive environment, and practice alpha wave meditation.
Additional resources for learning more about manifestation include Dr. Tara Swart's work on the science behind manifestation.


00:00 Introduction and Special Guest
01:22 Discovering Manifestation at Miraval
05:50 Jess's Journey to Becoming a Wellness Specialist
06:11 Understanding Manifestation
07:06 Step 1: Get Clear
07:28 Step 2: Feel
08:25 Step 3: Believe
09:17 Step 4: Act
10:10 Step 5: Trust
31:21 Obstacles to Manifestation
37:15 Examples of Successful Manifestation
38:38 Tips to Get Started with Manifestation
40:18 Additional Resources
40:47 Resources for Manifestation
41:57 Working with Clients
42:27 Future Offerings
42:41 Closing Remarks


Insta: @spiritualabode

Joseph Murphy book

Dr. Tara Swart book: The Source