Drop the Resolution, Form the Habit Part One with Dr. Andrea Austin: Episode 95

**Podcast Show Notes: Episode Title - "On Resolutions and Habits with Andrea Austin"**

- Host welcomes listeners to the podcast
- Special episode featuring Dr. Andrea Austin and the Whole Physician team
- Discussion topic: Habits and Resolutions

**Guest Introduction:**
- Dr. Andrea Austin introduces the guests: Laura, Amanda, and Kendra from the Whole Physician
- Background of Whole Physician: Emergency physicians, burnout survivors, and coaches for doctors
- Mission: Helping physicians practice medicine sustainably and happily

1. **New Year Resolutions and Their Challenges:**
- Common failures in resolutions and alternatives
- Importance of understanding personal goals and values
- Discussion on setting realistic and value-aligned goals

2. **Overcoming Perfectionism and All-or-Nothing Thinking:**
- The problem with extreme goal setting
- Strategies for setting achievable, incremental goals
- Focus on self-compassion and realistic expectations

3. **Building Habits and Identifying Thought Errors:**
- Addressing common thought errors like catastrophizing and dichotomous thinking
- Importance of recognizing and working through negativity bias
- Tips for establishing and maintaining new habits

4. **Mindset Shifts and Self-Compassion:**
- The role of self-love in achieving goals
- Strategies for maintaining commitments to oneself
- Avoiding the trap of "arrival fallacy" in goal setting

5. **Enjoying the Journey, Not Just the Destination:**
- Emphasis on appreciating the process of achieving goals
- The concept of 'arrival fallacy' and its impact
- Inspirational anecdote from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance about enjoying the journey

- Summarization of key points discussed
- Encouragement and positive affirmations for listeners
- Closing remarks and preview of Part Two of the discussion

**Special Mention:**
- The Whole Physician podcast "Drive Time Debrief"
- Their role as strategic partners with Revitalize

**Ending Note:**
- Reminder of the importance of self-care and balance in life
- Sign off with a message of encouragement and acknowledgment of the value of physicians in medicine