Meditation with Santi Tanikella, MD: Episode 93


- Welcome and introduction by hosts Amanda, Laura, and Kendra.
- Introduction of special guest Dr. Santi Tanikella, a board-certified pediatrician, integrative medicine specialist, coach, and Reiki practitioner.


**Guest Introduction:**
- Dr. Santi Tanikella shares her background.
- Education: Medical school at Drexel University, residency at the Children's Hospital at Montefiore.
- Current Practice: General pediatrics and pediatric integrative medicine in Pennsylvania.
- Virtual coaching and teaching of mind-body therapies.


**Discussion Topics:**
1. **Meditation:**
- Definition and historical context.
- Meditation as part of mind-body therapies.
- Use of meditation in healthcare for relaxation and stress reduction.

2. **Incorporating Meditation into Busy Lives:**
- Benefits of meditation for busy individuals.
- Simple ways to incorporate meditation into daily routines.
- Meditation's role in organizing thoughts and identifying emotional triggers.

3. **Different Forms of Meditation:**
- Addressing difficulties in meditation.
- Alternatives like yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, guided imagery, and biofeedback.
- Personalizing meditation practices.

4. **Practical Application and Tips:**
- 'Elevator meditation' and other quick meditation practices.
- The importance of presence in patient interactions.
- Dr. Tanikella's experiences with mindfulness and meditation.

5. **Guided Meditation Session:**
- A brief guided meditation led by Dr. Tanikella.

6. **Dr. Tanikella's Meditation Course:**
- Introduction to her self-paced meditation course "Calm and Empowered".
- Discussion about the content and benefits of the course.

7. **Utilizing Meditation in Clinical Settings:**
- Application of meditation before medical procedures.
- Comparing guided imagery with conventional medication like midazolam.

8. **Concluding Thoughts:**
- Holiday stress and the role of gratitude and deep breathing.
- Encouragement for continuous practice and adaptation of mindfulness skills.


**Closing Remarks:**
- Thanking Dr. Tanikella for her insights and contributions.
- Reminder to subscribe to the email list and visit the website for more information.


**Links and Resources:**
- Dr. Santi Tanikella’s Website:
- Meditation Course: "Calm and Empowered" on
- Podcast Website: