Navigating Complications with Amy Vertrees, MD: Episode 92

Welcome to another episode of our podcast. Today, we're thrilled to have Dr. Amy Vertrees, a seasoned surgeon, coach, author, and podcast host, join us. Dr. Vertrees brings a wealth of experience and wisdom, especially in helping surgeons rediscover their passion for surgery and manage professional complications with grace and confidence.

**Key Highlights:**

1. **Dr. Amy Vertrees' Background:**
- Dr. Vertrees shares her unique journey through the only military medical school, her service as an officer in the army, and experiences from her deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq.
- Insights into her transition from employed surgeon to private practice for autonomy, and her motivations behind starting the BOSS (Business of Surgery Series) podcast.

2. **Addressing Professional Complications:**
- Dr. Vertrees emphasizes the importance of accepting and dealing with medical complications, a common challenge among physicians.
- She discusses reframing our perspective on complications and failures, focusing on learning and improvement rather than self-criticism.

3. **Coping with Perfectionism and Self-Compassion:**
- The conversation delves into dealing with the inherent perfectionism in the medical field, and the need for self-compassion and understanding in the face of complications.
- Strategies for maintaining a healthy perspective and balance when dealing with professional challenges.

4. **Imposter Syndrome and Self-Confidence:**
- Dr. Vertrees shares insights on overcoming imposter syndrome and building genuine self-confidence, differentiating it from mere competence.
- She also discusses the role of self-criticism in professional growth and the importance of being kind to oneself.

5. **Closing Thoughts:**
- Dr. Vertrees reiterates the value of embracing imperfection in the medical profession and the need for systemic changes to support physicians.
- Final words of wisdom and encouragement for all medical professionals.

**Resources Mentioned:**
- Dr. Amy Vertrees' Podcast: BOSS (Business of Surgery Series)
- BOSS podcast episode 99
- Dr. Vertrees' Book: Become the BOSS MD: Success Beyond Residency
- Upcoming Free Class: "Overcoming Over Whatevering" - December 27th at noon central.

**Connect with Dr. Amy Vertrees:**
- Website:

**Closing Remarks:**
Thank you for joining us for this enlightening conversation with Dr. Amy Vertrees. Remember, your work in medicine is invaluable, and embracing imperfection is key to thriving both personally and professionally.