Work Dread: Episode 91



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  • Listener Review Highlight: One Fall Gal's review praising the podcast as an easy listen with insightful content.
  • Encouragement: Emphasizes the importance of reviews in helping others discover the podcast.

Main Discussion:

  • Topic: Addressing the experience of work dread.
  • Objective: To offer insights and strategies to reduce work dread.
  • Kendra's Personal Experience: Shares her struggles with balancing work and family life, and the anticipation of dread before night shifts.
  • Brene Brown's Influence: Discusses Brown's perspective on dread and its impact on anxiety and angst.
  • Physical and Mental Symptoms: Explores how dread can manifest physically and mentally, particularly in anticipatory scenarios.
  • Fear vs. Dread: Differentiates between fear (present threat) and dread (future anticipation).
  • Positive Aspects of Dread: Recognizes how dread can sometimes lead to proactive preparation.
  • The Cycle of Dread: Discusses the repetitive nature of dread and its contribution to burnout.
  • Being Present: Emphasizes the importance of staying present and mindful to combat dread.

Strategies to Combat Work Dread:

  • Reframing Thoughts: Encourages challenging dread-filled thoughts with more positive or neutral ones.
  • Present Moment Focus: Tips on staying grounded in the current moment.
  • Mel Robbins' Technique: Suggests using affirmations like "I'm okay, I'm safe, I'm loved" to calm the mind.
  • Jill Bolte Taylor's Approach: Recommends naming different parts of the brain to manage emotions.
  • Balancing Reality and Optimism: Encourages a balance between acknowledging potential negative outcomes and remaining hopeful.
  • Dealing with Negative Emotions: Techniques to handle negative thoughts and feelings related to work.


  • Upcoming Events: Announcement of a free class on overcoming overindulgent behaviors.
  • Final Thoughts: Encouragement to embrace the present and the significance of one's work in medicine.
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Additional Resources:

Closing Message: "You are whole. You are a gift to medicine, and the work you do matters."