Gratitude and Joy: Episode 89

**Podcast Show Notes: "Gratitude and Joy"**

- Hosts: Amanda Dinsmore, Laura, Kendra Morrison
- Introduction (00:01-01:33)
- Amanda welcomes listeners back to the podcast, introduces herself, Laura, and Kendra.
- Mention of receiving a one-star podcast review and the hosts' humorous reaction to it.
- A shoutout to a listener named Renee who gave a five-star review and their appreciation for her.

- Discussion on Gratitude and Joy (01:33-11:09)
- Introduction to the topic of gratitude and joy, especially relevant as the episode is released on Thanksgiving.
- Gratitude's role in experiencing joy, vulnerability, and spiritual practices.
- Mention of Brene Brown's book "The Gifts of Imperfection" and how it explores the connection between gratitude and joy.
- The three patterns of people regarding joy, gratitude, and a joyful life.
- The impact of fear and scarcity on experiencing joy and gratitude.
- Differentiating between happiness and joy as emotions and experiences.
- Kendra's personal gratitude practice and how it helps her stay present in joyful moments.
- Kendra's story about going hunting with her son and finding joy and gratitude in the experience.

- Sonya Lyubomirsky's Research (11:09-19:11)
- Discussion of research by Sonya Lyubomirsky, a psychology professor at UC Riverside.
- Gratitude as a meta-strategy for achieving happiness.
- Lyubomirsky's definition of gratitude, including wonder, appreciation, counting blessings, and savoring.
- Gratitude as an antidote to negative emotions, envy, and avarice.
- Research findings on the effects of gratitude practice on physical and emotional well-being.
- The practice of gratitude and its impact on optimism and satisfaction in life.

- Gratitude Practices (19:11-26:53)
- Amanda shares various gratitude practices, including writing down what you're grateful for, replacing ungrateful thoughts, and expressing gratitude directly to others.
- The concept of a "gratitude visit," where you write a letter thanking someone for their role in your success and read it to them.
- Personal anecdotes about expressing gratitude in emails and phone calls in a professional setting.
- The power of starting conversations with gratitude to foster better interactions.

- Mental Filtering and Changing Perspectives (26:53-31:19)
- Discussion of cognitive distortions, specifically mental filtering, and how it relates to gratitude practice.
- Gratitude as a way to intentionally shift one's focus from negativity to positivity.
- Acknowledging the benefits of moving from a left-brained, analytical mindset to a right-brained, creative mindset.

- Conclusion and Invitation (31:19-32:11)
- The hosts express their hope to inspire listeners to practice gratitude during the holiday season and beyond.
- Announcement of an upcoming free class on "Overcoming Over Whatevering" December 27 at noon CST.
- Closing remarks emphasizing the value of physicians and their work.

**Note:** Timestamps are approximate and based on the content of the transcript provided.

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