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#88: Kendra's Surprise Interview!

Kendra's Surprise Interview!

- **Introduction:**
- Hosts: Amanda, Laura, and Kendra.

- **Favorite Books:**
- Amanda:
- Explored Arthurian legend in high school.
- Mentioned "Something in the Mist" and "The Mists of Avalon."
- Enjoys reading self-help books.
- Laura:
- Favorite fiction book: "Pride and Prejudice."
- Also loves the Harry Potter series.
- Enjoys exploring human behavior in literature.

- **Honeymoon Destinations:**
- Amanda:
- Got married quickly in Vegas during residency.
- Honeymooned in Cancun on a short break.
- Laura:
- Got married during a break between med school years.
- Honeymooned on Little Gasparilla Island in Florida.

- **Favorite Podcasts:**
- Laura:
- Enjoys "The Waking Up to Narcissism Podcast."
- Amanda:
- Listens to "The Drive" by Peter Attia for technical insights.
- Likes Mel Robbins, Brooke Castillo, and Corinne Crabtree.
- Kendra:
- Likes "Dr. Caroline Leaf" podcast.
- Enjoys "Mind Your Mental Mess" and "You Are Not Broken."

- **Favorite Date Night Restaurants:**
- Amanda prefers Retro Metro and Ocean Zen.
- Laura likes Amerigo and places with booths.
- Kendra enjoys Roboto Sushi Session and Mexican cuisine.

- **Last Vacation Destinations:**
- Amanda recently returned from Vegas.
- Laura's recent vacation was in Hawaii, particularly the Big Island.
- Kendra vacationed in the Outer Banks, revisiting a special place from her past.

- **Favorite Self-Care Activities:**
- Amanda:
- Enjoys relaxing baths, both for physical and mental relaxation.
- Values creating a life she doesn't need to escape from.
- Prioritizes self-care and saying no to things that don't align with her values.
- Laura:
- Practices meditation, prayer, and exercise.
- Values authentic connection through long hugs.
- Kendra:
- Values authenticity and making choices aligned with her values.
- Practices daily devotion and prayer

- **Closing Remarks:**
- Hosts emphasize building a life they don't need a vacation from.
- Mention a Black Friday offer for their audience.
- Promote an upcoming webinar on November 16th at 12 PM Central Time.
- Encourage healthcare professionals to remember their worth and impact.

This episode offered listeners insights into the hosts' personal lives and their perspectives on self-care and authenticity. It also included promotional information about upcoming offers and webinars.

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