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The Wisdom of Dolly Parton: Episode 87

- Hosts: Amanda, Laura, Kendra

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**Topic: Dolly Parton - An American Treasure and Philanthropist:**
- Dolly Parton's introduction as a country music legend and philanthropist
- Highlighting her Dollywood Foundation and the Imagination Library, which sends one book per month to enrolled children from birth until kindergarten
- Mention of her contributions to improving graduation rates in her hometown through a buddy program and college funding
- Discussion on how her foundation projects bring jobs and tax revenues to depressed regions

**Dolly Parton's Integrity and Confidence:**
- Mention of Dolly Parton's integrity in refusing to sell her song "I Will Always Love You" to Elvis with a 50 percent profit share
- The financial success that came from Whitney Houston's cover of the song
- Emphasis on Dolly's confidence in knowing who she is despite others' opinions

**Dolly Parton's Wisdom Quotes:**
- Exploration of various Dolly Parton quotes and their significance
- "Let people be wrong about you" - Emphasizing the gift of not caring about others' opinions
- "The magic is inside you" - Encouragement to recognize one's inner potential
- "Hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world" - Reflecting on the challenges Dolly faced and her authenticity
- "Make a point to appreciate all the little things in life" - Discussing the power of gratitude and mindfulness
- "I'm not going to limit myself just because people won't accept the fact that I can do something else" - Encouragement to pursue one's passions and not be limited by societal expectations
- Mention of Dolly's honesty about her past affair and taking responsibility for it

**Conclusion and Upcoming Events:**
- Expressing love for Dolly Parton and her inspiring qualities
- Teaser for a Black Friday sale and upcoming webinar on November 16th
- Encouragement for healthcare professionals to visit the website for more information
- Closing message: "You are whole, you are a gift to medicine, and the work you do matters."

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