#69: Inappropriate Things Doctors Brag About with Kristin Yates, DO

In this episode, Kristin Yates, DO joins us to talk about Inappropriate Things Doctors Brag About (and why we keep doing it).

The reason we do this is likely because of both external and internal pressures, she says. External pressures in that it's what everyone else is doing. And internal pressures in that many of us have replaced our sense of inherent worthiness as a human with having to earn our worthiness through performance. 

On the list of misguided badges of honor:

  • Exhaustion
  • Being Busy
  • Time without a Vacation
  • High Patient Volume

Versus what we SHOULD be proud of:

  • Spending quality time with fewer patients
  • Resting every day and using our vacation time
  • Cutting back hours if we need/want to
  • Getting a full night of sleep
  • Having a day of doing nothing

Doing this is seemingly an act of rebellion in our current medical system. But the more we start doing it, the more inroads we'll make in creating a better place for ourselves and those who follow.

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