#62: Physician Wellbeing with Al'ai Alvarez, MD Part 1

Dr. Alvarez is joining us today to talk about all things wellness in medicine. I met Dr Alvarez at ACOEP Spring Seminar last month. He is an emergency physician and clinical associate professor of Emergency Medicine (EM) at Stanford University. He is the Director of Well-Being and co-chair of the Human Potential Team at Stanford Emergency Medicine. He gave 2 lectures titled, “Beating the Blame” and “Well, for what it’s worth”, both resonated with me due to the work we do at The Whole Physician. Stanford is setting the standard for what meaningful wellness in the workplace looks like when implemented as a whole institution approach.  Everyone at the table and everyone engaged at all levels. There is so much experience Dr Alvarez imparts that we had to do a part 1 AND part 2.  So stay tuned...

Most favorite memories:

  • "I think that kind of gives you a sense of how vulnerable I'm willing to be to share about myself because I, this is me, and hopefully it can get as much as you can from that lived experience that I have."
  • "Hey, what happens when these are my strengths? And also I'm getting feedback and anonymous evaluations that I'm overwhelming, like these two things. Like how do I coexist? Like how do I have the duality of like, I have a lot of personality, I have a lot of energy as you can tell. And also that's overwhelming to people."
  • "Human Potential team which is an awesome team in our department. Our job is to really like understand, think, dissect, and break apart the dilemmas that we encounter in our practice. Not just clinical, but academic space.  And not necessarily find solutions because there are dilemmas there's usually no solutions, but can we be creative enough to address parts of it that will at least make it easy for us to empower us to be better at our work and to find meaning in our work."


Twitter: @alvarezzzy

"No Hard Feelings"


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