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#58: Intro to Boundaries

This episode we dive into the topic of boundaries...finally!  We have a fun and candid conversation about what boundaries are and what it means to have boundaries and where we use the boundaries to serve us in our lives. 

A - Boundaries are like property lines. It's where your property ends and someone else's property begins. So be careful who you open the gate to and allow into your yard.

K - when you invest in not only setting clear boundaries with people, these are actually relationships that you care very deeply for and that you wanna maintain for a long time. So that's why it is picking your relationship wisely. You have limited energy, you know which relationships are the most important to you, and these are actually things that you wanna apply to relationships that you actually want to hold very dear to you and for a long period of time.

L - And so our job really is not to control our kids. It's to help them get control of themselves. And to teach them self-control.  That's our job because ultimately we can't control them. The more we try to control them, the more we will drive them away from us.


Dr Caroline Leaf and Dr Henry cloud on "Cleaning up your Mental Mess"  podcast episode, “How to Know When & How to Say NO". January 15, 2020

Dr Henry Cloud:

Dr Caroline Leaf:

"Good Boundaries and Good Byes" book by Lysa TerKeurst


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