#52: Coaching in Residencies with Tonya Caylor, MD

Introducing Dr Tonya Caylor, family medicine doc, who relocated to Alaska from Florida. She describes her journey from  academic medicine to independent practice and the recovery from burnout.  Her passion is now to help residents and faculty with mindset training to equip them with the tools they need for longevity in their career in medicine. In our conversation, Dr Caylor gives examples of common things residents struggle with and what she has taught through private and group coaching to get them to shift into a perspective that works for them! 

Our favorite moments: 

  • "The one thing that I think was surprising to me, number one, is at the time I was unaware that that was a term or a phenomenon that happens. And it was so insidious, like I thought, in fact, I remember saying at a faculty retreat, like, I feel completely balanced in life. I remember pronouncing this. You know, the joy that I was experiencing in my role. And then it was a few years later, but I was in deep by the time I figured it out."
  • "I had become like an approval addict. I was so over reliant on external validation that when all of my colleagues were super busy and not having the time to, you know, gimme a pat on the back. Really got in my head."
  • "you wanna like work within the system and see if you can make it work for you. But there's a huge difference when a system is working for you rather than against you. And I think we're starting to see institutions recognize that now." 
  • "And if they think about the time, blood, sweat, tears, money that went into it, like realizing that coaching could give some tangible traction for them to re-discover the joy in their chosen career, that's how I ended up starting my coaching business."

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