#46: Envy, Jealousy, & Resentment

The theme of this episode is adapted from Brene Brown's book, "Atlas of the Heart".  Each chapter focuses on a group of emotions that are common places we go to when we feel _____. (that represented a blank) The chapter on jealousy, envy and resentment is from chapter 2, Places We Go When We Compare. She so exquisitely dives into this group of emotions head on and without consideration for our readiness!  Ouch! She is lively and easy to attend to which opened up our platform to discuss the same.  In our frank conversation, we address some motivations behind what we are truly feeling towards a partner or colleague that really did nothing spiteful to us but maybe they are living their best life and we are no where close to that zip code. Hope you find the "achy" parts of this conversation not so painful by the end of the show!  Enjoy!


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