#43: The Co-Survivor with Kristin Flanary, MA (aka Lady Glaucomflecken)

We're honored in this episode to talk with Kristin Flanary, MA (aka Lady Glaucomflecken). She shares her experience when her famously hilarious husband (Will Flanary, MD aka Dr. Glaucomflecken) unexpectedly went into cardiac arrest while sleeping. Her quick action saved his life, but she talks about how that experience changed her and her subsequent journey coming back from what she calls The Quiet Place

In healthcare, so much on the patient in the gurney, but often overlooked are the family/loved ones/friends who are also affected. Some have labeled them The Forgotten Patients or Co-Survivors. In many cases, they get pushed to the side, but they've just had a significant trauma in their own right as well. 

Kristin also touches on some of the experiences with healthcare in the days after the event that could have been improved with minimal effort and just a little thoughtfulness.

We know you'll love Kristin as much as we did. Enjoy. 

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Kristin's Twitter: Lady Glaucomflecken

Kristin's Email: [email protected]

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