#39: Stress with Shideh Shafie, MD

Meet our friend, Dr. Shideh Shafie! She's a mother of twins, performance and malpractice coach, business owner, and ER doc. She talks with us today about stress (something she knows a thing or two about).

Some highlights:

  • Not all stress is negative. 
  • Stress is linked to value.
  • Stressors are not the same as stress. Stressors are the inciting event, but stress is a physiologic response.
  • Many of us stop the physiologic response, which can cause problems. One of the best ways to finish the stress cycle is movement.
  • There are different reactions to stressors:
    • Fight, Flight or Freeze Response - the classic fight, flight or freeze, characterized by corticosteroids and adrenaline. Gets us prepared to fight or flee. It prepares us for movement.
    • Challenge response - characterized with a DHEA component. Prespares us to rise to challenges.
    • "Tend and Befriend" response - which has an oxytocin component. Creates community.


For more info on the circadian rhythm study email: [email protected]

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