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It's time to 

Put the Healer First.


We study 10,000+ hours on how to take care of others, but we aren't taught jack about how to care for ourselves while working in medicine.

It makes sense why you might be feeling crispy. You've been working in the dumpster fire of a broken medical system. Along the way, you pick up unconscious negative programming that it's time to ditch. Imagine re-infusing purpose, empowerment, and joy into your life. Learn the 7 pillars of health and how to design your best life intentionally.

Wellness 911 takes you through this process with easy and fun online modules. Customized application sessions with a physician coach apply the knowledge to your unique situation.

You, your patients, your coworkers, your family. . .will all benefit.

Enough is enough. What changes if you don't try something different?

Practicing medicine shouldn't be miserable, and luckily it doesn't have to be.

Here's how you can work with us.

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