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Conquering Charting with Sarah Smith, MD: Episode 105

In this enlightening episode, our hosts are joined by Dr. Sarah Smith, a rural family physician from Canada and the host of the Sustainable Clinical Medicine podcast. Dr. Smith shares her journey from training in Australia to practicing in rural Alberta, Canada, and how she transitioned from a physician overwhelmed by administrative tasks to becoming The Charting Coach, dedicated to making charting less miserable for clinicians everywhere.

**Key Points Discussed:**

**Dr. Smith's Background:** From Australia to Canada, Dr. Smith’s career has spanned various disciplines within medicine, including emergency and critical care, before settling into rural family medicine. Her unique journey is a testament to her dedication to patient care and her resilience in the face of challenging circumstances.

**The Genesis of The Charting Coach:** Faced with the daunting task of managing mountains of paperwork and administrative burdens, Dr. Smith embarked on a mission to find a sustainable solution to charting woes. Her search led her to life coaching, where she discovered techniques that transformed her approach to clinical documentation.

**Practical Strategies for Efficient Charting:** Dr. Smith shares actionable strategies to make charting more manageable, emphasizing the importance of documenting in real-time, utilizing templates, and finding the right tools and techniques that work for each individual physician.

**The Importance of Self-Care:** A recurring theme throughout the episode is the importance of self-care for physicians. Dr. Smith highlights simple yet effective practices such as staying hydrated, taking brief breaks, and mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

**Creating a Sustainable Clinical Practice:** The conversation delves into the broader implications of efficient charting and administrative practices for reducing burnout, improving patient care, and creating a more sustainable work environment for clinicians.

**Resources and How to Connect:** Listeners interested in learning more about Dr. Smith’s work or seeking coaching can visit or follow her on Instagram and Facebook: @ChartingCoach. Additionally, Dr. Smith’s podcast, Sustainable Clinical Medicine, is another resource for clinicians looking to improve their practice.

**Closing Thoughts:**
The episode concludes with a powerful message of hope and empowerment for clinicians struggling with the administrative aspects of their practice. Dr. Smith’s journey and insights offer a fresh perspective on how small changes in daily routines can lead to significant improvements in efficiency, satisfaction, and work-life balance.


Sustainable Clinical Medicine with The Charting Coach



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