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#86: What's the Remedy for the Physician Burnout Crisis? with Sunny Smith, M.D.

What's the Remedy for the Physician Burnout Crisis? with Sunny Smith, M.D.

- Amanda, Laura, and Kendra welcome listeners back to the podcast.
- They introduce their special guest, Dr. Sunny Smith, a pioneer in physician coaching.
- Dr. Sunny Smith is a family physician and a coach who has made a significant impact on physician well-being.
- Dr. Smith shares her journey into coaching after a life-changing bicycle accident.
- She highlights her passion for improving medical culture.

Segment 1: Getting to Know Dr. Sunny Smith
- The hosts express their excitement about having Dr. Sunny Smith on the podcast.
- Dr. Sunny Smith talks about the full-circle experience of being on the show.
- She mentions losing her video window during the podcast recording.

Segment 2: The Role of Coaching in Physician Well-Being
- Dr. Sunny Smith discusses recent studies supporting coaching as an intervention for physician well-being.
- She emphasizes that coaching provides a sense of agency and self-efficacy for physicians.
- Dr. Smith mentions the published randomized controlled trials in physicians' coaching.
- She stresses the importance of changing the system while utilizing coaching as a complementary tool.
- The hosts express their admiration for the impact of coaching in the medical field.

Segment 3: Coaching Research and Effectiveness
- Dr. Sunny Smith delves into the details of coaching research and its evolution over the past years.
- She highlights the effectiveness of coaching in reducing burnout among physicians.
- Dr. Smith shares data from her coaching program, indicating significant improvements in professional fulfillment and self-compassion.
- She discusses the lasting effects of coaching interventions beyond the program's duration.

Segment 4: Implementing Coaching in Medical Training
- The hosts inquire about the feasibility of implementing coaching in medical training, especially in emergency medicine.
- Dr. Sunny Smith suggests the importance of individualized and flexible approaches to coaching.
- She mentions the challenges faced by emergency medicine physicians and the need for workplace flexibility and accommodations.
- The hosts and Dr. Smith explore the idea of creating systems that prioritize physician well-being and advocating for a deeper bench in healthcare institutions.

1. The Crisis of Medicine:
- Dr. Smith compares the crisis of physician burnout to other major events, such as airline disasters, to emphasize its significance.
- She notes that medicine, particularly in the post-pandemic era, is facing a crisis, with over a hundred thousand physicians leaving clinical medicine.

2. Personal Experience:
- Dr. Smith and the hosts are burnout survivors, and some of them even temporarily quit medicine.
- They stress the transformational power of the coaching and training they've received and their passion for sharing these tools with other physicians.

3. The Broken System:
- While acknowledging that the healthcare system is deeply flawed, Dr. Smith emphasizes that physicians can take steps to improve their own well-being and health.
- She highlights the risk of worsening crises if action is not taken, including shortages of physicians in emergency departments.

4. The Opportunity for Change:
- Dr. Smith encourages listeners to see the crisis as an opportunity for positive change in the healthcare system.
- She emphasizes the need for support systems and coaching for physicians who are struggling, even before they reach a breaking point.

5. The Role of Coaching:
- Dr. Smith draws parallels with coaching in other fields, such as sports and business, where it's common practice to support individuals in reaching their full potential.
- She highlights the financial and performance incentives for organizations in providing coaching to physicians.

6. Normalizing Coaching in Medicine:
- Dr. Smith envisions a future where coaching is a standard part of a physician's career development.
- She discusses the importance of having a support system that doesn't pathologize physicians but normalizes their experiences.

7. Taking Action:
- Dr. Smith encourages physicians to take one actionable step towards addressing burnout, whether it's seeking coaching or scheduling time off.
- She emphasizes the importance of recognizing one's own humanity and need for support.

The episode concludes with Dr. Smith providing information on how listeners can connect with her through the Empowering Women Physicians Facebook group and her podcast. She also directs interested individuals to her website for references related to the topics discussed in the episode. The hosts express their gratitude to Dr. Smith for her pioneering work in addressing physician burnout.

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