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#85: Client Success Story-Overcoming Burnout with Theresa Navarrete, M.D.

Episode #85: Client Success Story--Overcoming Burnout with Theresa Navarette, M.D. 


  • Hosts: Amanda, Laura, Kendra
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Guest Introduction:

  • Special guest: Dr. Teresa Navarrete, EM physician and burnout survivor
  • Dr. Navarette's journey from nursing to becoming a physician.
  • A snapshot of her life with her husband (also an ER doctor) and five children.
  • Her recent interest in physician wellness and burnout.

Life Before Coaching:

  • Dr. Navarrete's experience of burnout and its impact.
  • Feeling anxious, risk-averse, and drained.
  • Her shift from enjoying patient interactions to feeling them as transactional.
  • The guilt of considering staying at home as a mother and a well-educated physician.
  • Feeling trapped in her career.

Exploring Pre-Coaching Solutions:

  • Attending the Physician Moms Group conference and meeting Amanda and Kendra.
  • Joining a wellness retreat and discovering the concept of physician wellness.
  • Realizing that burnout is a widespread issue among doctors.

Choosing Coaching:

  • Meeting a friend who had positive coaching experiences.
  • The role of the coaching package in her decision.
  • The sense of relief and validation she felt during her initial coaching call.
  • The importance of finding a safe space to discuss vulnerabilities and struggles.
  • The power of coaching in reframing thoughts and experiences.

Key Takeaways from Coaching:

  1. Having Your Own Back: Realizing the importance of self-support and not being overly critical.
  2. Choosing Your Path: Recognizing that career decisions should be driven by personal choice rather than feeling pushed out.
  3. Objective Circumstance: The significance of analyzing situations objectively to prevent negative thought spirals.
  4. Acknowledging Feelings: The value of acknowledging and accepting emotions, even in high-pressure situations.


  • The hosts and Dr. Navarrete's shared experiences and insights.
  • Encouraging physicians to seek support and acknowledge their feelings.
  • The positive impact of coaching on physician burnout and well-being.


  • Thanking Dr. Navarrete for sharing her story.
  • Encouraging listeners to explore coaching as a tool for addressing burnout.
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Additional Episode Highlights:

  • Recognizing Burnout and Anxiety: Dr. Navarrete reflects on a critical moment in her career when she felt overwhelmed by anxiety and self-doubt. She discusses the importance of acknowledging these feelings rather than suppressing them, realizing that anxiety is a normal response to challenging situations.

  • Embracing Imperfection: Dr. Navarrete emphasizes the need to let go of the quest for perfection in medicine. She shares how she learned to set her own priorities during her shifts, ensuring that she provides the best care for her patients, even in a demanding environment.

  • The Impact of Coaching: Dr. Navarrete discusses how coaching played a pivotal role in her journey towards wellness. She highlights the power of having a coach to work through challenges, shift perspectives, and develop a healthier mindset.

  • Creating Awareness: Dr. Navarrete emphasizes the importance of open conversations about burnout and wellness within the medical community. She encourages healthcare professionals to share their experiences and support one another.

  • Taking Control: Dr. Navarrete addresses the reality that changing the healthcare system is a long-term endeavor. She underscores the importance of taking control of one's own well-being and not letting external factors determine one's self-worth.

  • The Path Forward: Dr. Navarrete shares her commitment to promoting wellness in medicine and helping fellow healthcare professionals navigate burnout. She discusses her involvement in wellness committees and initiatives aimed at creating positive change within the medical field.

Conclusion: In closing, Dr. Navarrete's story serves as an inspiring reminder that burnout is a widespread issue in healthcare, but it is possible to find a path to wellness. We encourage our listeners to reach out for support, whether through coaching or by joining wellness initiatives within their organizations. Thank you for tuning in to The Drive-Time Debrief. If you found this episode valuable, please subscribe, rate, and leave a review. Your feedback helps us continue to bring you valuable tools to help you thrive in your medical career.


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Disclaimer: The information provided in this podcast is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered as medical or professional advice. Consult with a qualified healthcare provider for personalized guidance.