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#84: Achieving Dreams: A Conversation with Dr. Susie Sharpe

Title: Achieving Dreams: A Conversation with Dr. Susie Sharpe


  • Welcome back to the podcast with hosts Amanda, Laura, and Kendra.
  • Special guest star: Dr. Susie Sharpe, an internist who has achieved her dream of becoming an artist.

Segment 1: Dr. Sharpe's Remarkable Journey

  • Dr. Sharpe's background as a first-generation immigrant from Korea.
  • Her childhood dream of becoming an artist and the challenges her family faced upon moving to the U.S.
  • The pivotal moment that led her to pursue a career in medicine.
  • Her journey to becoming a physician, including language barriers and supporting herself.
  • Completing her MD and residency training at Yale.

Segment 2: Rediscovering the Dream

  • Dr. Sharpe's busy life as a physician and mother.
  • The wake-up call that reminded her of her dream to become an artist.
  • How she started studying and practicing art while balancing her medical career.
  • The role of art in bringing joy and healing to others.

Segment 3: Dr. Sharpe's Artistic Journey

  • Her initial art exhibitions in Springfield, Missouri.
  • Expanding her art career to international galleries.
  • Her art's presence on social media, with a focus on female physicians as patrons.
  • Charitable work through her art.

Segment 4: The Four Keys to Achieving Dreams

  • Key #1: Clarity in setting ambitious goals.
  • Key #2: Visualization as a tool for clarity and focus.
  • Key #3: Overcoming obstacles, including self-doubt, excuses, fear, and unworthiness.
  • Key #4: The importance of showing up, even at 20% of your best effort.

Segment 5: Closing Thoughts

  • Dr. Sharpe emphasizes the preciousness of time and the need to do something meaningful every day.
  • Encouragement to live an extraordinary life made up of small, extraordinary days.
  • Gratitude for the listeners and an invitation to watch Dr. Sharpe's TED Talk.


  • Thank you to Dr. Susie Sharpe for sharing her inspiring story.
  • A reminder to the audience that they are a gift to medicine, and their work matters.
  • Signing off with love for the listeners.

4 Keys to Achieving Your Dream TED Talk