#75: Your Future Self

Your Future Self

Show Notes:

  • Introduction to the Topic
    • Laura introduces the topic of "future you" and its importance.
    • Reflects on the perception of time and how we imagine our future selves.
  • Visualizing the Future
    • Discusses an article by Mariana Pogosyan, PhD, about future self.
    • Considers the shortness of life in terms of weeks lived.
    • Talks about the challenge of imagining our future selves realistically.
  • Importance of Future Self
    • Relates the concept of future self to achieving career goals (e.g., becoming a physician).
    • Explores the idea that many people perceive their future selves as distant and not real.
  • Balancing Present and Future
    • Discusses the concept of "myopia" (overfocus on the present) and "hyperopia" (overdelaying gratification).
    • Explores examples of present indulgence at the expense of the future.
    • Highlights the need to make decisions that benefit both present and future selves.
  • Strengthening the Connection with Future Self
    • Discusses strategies to connect with the best version of your future self.
    • Mentions the importance of imagining and feeling the best version of oneself.
  • Advice from Future Self
    • Encourages listeners to seek advice from their future selves for present decision-making.
    • Offers examples of how future self's advice can guide actions and choices.
  • Living in the Present
    • Emphasizes the significance of living in the present and finding happiness now.
    • Discusses the concept of happiness being in the present rather than at a future destination.
  • Manifesting and Empowerment
    • Explores the practice of manifesting and raising one's vibration.
    • Discusses how embodying the best version of yourself leads to different actions and results.
  • Accountability to Future Self
    • Talks about using future self as a source of accountability.
    • Reflects on the benefits of making choices that support future happiness.
  • Taking Control of Your Story
    • Describes the process of taking control of one's life and creating a fulfilling narrative.
    • Emphasizes the importance of intentional decision-making for a better life story.


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