#73: Focus

In this episode we discuss why it matters to what your brain is paying attention.  There are several terms we discuss including:

  • selective attention: tuning out unimportant details in order to focus on what matters
  • mental filtering: focusing on the negative rather than the whole picture, negativity bias
  • disqualifying the positive: minimizing the good things in our lives

Reframing and changing perspective is key, but is NOT the same as toxic positivity. It is acknowledging that there is both good and bad in the world, but choosing to focus on the good parts on purpose.

If you're stuck in negativity, we discuss ways to challenge your point of view. Eventually, with enough practice, neuroplasticity allows our default thoughts to be much more positive.

Some quotes:

  • George Lucas: "Your focus determines your reality."
  • Tony Robbins: "Your life is controlled by what you focus on," and "energy flows where your attention goes."

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