#71: Working in Government with Dara Kass, MD

In this episode, meet Dara Kass, MD. She's an Emergency Physician who now works as Regional Director for Region 2 of the US Dept of Health and Human Services. She's here to talk about how she pivoted from working in traditional clinical medicine to working in government.

In this episode Dr. Kass:

  • shares the inspiration behind FeminEM
  • tells the story how she first got started in government
  • explains how working in government can impact in healthcare access for all
  • highlights different tasks she might do in a workday
  • explains the difference, including ethical requirements, between elected, career, and appointed positions
  • suggests different ways one can get started working in government
  •  explains common misconceptions that clinical docs might not have considered
  • advocates the importance of not politicizing access to equitable and safe healthcare, medications and treatments 
  • highlights the healthcare workforce crisis and the need to revisit the sustainability of our careers

To reach Dr. Kass, email: [email protected]