#55: Magic Equation to Reduce Suffering

In this episode we talk about the various uses of the equation attributed to Psychologist Kristin Neff.

Pain x Resistance = Suffering

Part of being a human on earth is enduring some painful situations and experiencing discomfort. But it's shocking how much additional suffering we create by trying to fight reality. It's also good energy wasted, energy that could be used on thing within your control. We discuss examples, but at work and outside of work, where applying this equation helped our lives immensely.  And it's your choice. If you like the results you're getting, keep doing what you're doing.

  • "It's never the circumstance that is the problem. It's what we think about the circumstance that creates the results for our lives."
  • "So just accepting people the way they are is a big step in the direction of avoiding this unnecessary suffering."
  • Extra attention should be given when you catch yourself saying “it should be,” or “I wish that,” or “if only.”
  • Resisting reality can negatively affect how you're showing up in human interactions.
  • Having "prescriptions" for how other adults should act is disempowering. But that's different from having healthy boundaries.
  • Shaming yourself for things in the past can work against you.
  • When you're judging another's behavior - it's very easy to fall into the same behavior yourself in response.


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