#42: The Secrets to Sleep with Funke Afolabi-Brown, MD

Our guest on today's show is an expert in all things SLEEP!  Dr Funke Afolabi-Brown is a triple boarded physician who knows what it is like to battle to get good quality and quantity of sleep.  This high achieving professional who is also a mom shares the most common interrupters of good sleep for us as professionals and some tips to help create better sleep habits.  She has created RestfulSleepMD on the socials and a website to follow which is always engaging and providing the barriers to sleep and some hacks to CREATE sweeter dreams!

Favorite moments from Dr Brown:

  • when you think about the quantity of sleep, most times we go by the national sleep recommendations, which say seven to nine hours. But I tend to recommend you sleep in the number of hours that works for you.
  • over the course of the day, you build up products on the surface of your brain the same way we have, you know, products that are lymphatic system washes out, and then when we go into sleep, especially when we go into deep sleep, which is a stage of sleep, you essentially have those channels opening and cleaning that debris off. And some of the proteins that have been shown to be deposited  include things like beta amyloid, which has been implicated in conditions like Alzheimer's.
  • CREATE: “C” stands for consistency, “R” stands for having a routine,  “E” is the environment, “A” is "assign" the bed for sleep, “T” is technology, “E” is eliminate.
  • I usually say sleep is not like a bank. So we can't fully catch up... If we have shifts and we've not been able to get enough sleep, then yeah, please do get some sleep. But if this becomes something that we are doing out of habit, the problem is we're not ever gonna be able to catch up. 

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