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#5: Thought Errors 1/5

In this episode we start a 5 part series of the 15 most common thought errors.  In episode #3 we went over how to try to identify the thought that is causing your negative (or positive) feelings. After you’ve processed it, it’s important to look at if that thought is even true, useful in any way, or if there are any other alternatives to consider.  This series starts to examine the thought to consider if it falls within any of the 15 most common thought errors. 

First up, thought errors 1-3:

  • Polarized thinking - this is an all or nothing thinking, ignoring shades of gray
  • Mental filtering (which is broken up into 2 subtypes):
    • Negative mental filtering - one negative thing ruins the rest of the day, project, etc
    • Disqualifying the positive - dismissing an accomplishment in one way or another
  • Overgeneralization - making assumptions about the future based on a single interaction/event

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