#63: Physician Wellness with Al'ai Alvarez, MD Part 2

In this episode, we continue our interview with Dr. Al'ai Alvarez, a national leader and educator on physician wellness. He's an emergency physician, clinical associate profession of emergency, and the director the Physician Wellness Fellowship at Stanford.

We discuss:

  • creating environments where we can talk and acknowledge our lived experiences
  • lessons from the Mission Critical Team Institute and the subsequent formation of the High Performance Resuscitation Team
  • how to deal with the residue of working in medicine
  • relationship-centered care
  • gratitude
  • focusing on the "goosebumps moments" and being reminded of the good things that we do
  • finding your passion
  • what is the 1% you can do or stop to make your life better

Wise words from Dr. Alvarez:

"...each one of us has the capacity and the ability to make a choice of what is within our control, what is beyond our control, and what do we want to do with all the things that are facing us. And I hope that people feel that sense of empowerment...[and make] a choice that is alignment with their values. What is truly aligned with myself, my core being, and focus more on that, and do more of that. ... I hope that it'll also inspire people to think about ways to be kinder to yourself. Because then, as much as we try to be kind to everybody else, and do all the good things for other people, we often forget ourselves. And if there's, the one thing that I can leave you, is that all of my work is really rooted in self-compassion. How can we show up for others by taking care of ourselves in a way that is healthy?"


Mission Critical Team Institute

Stanford's Physician Wellness Fellowship

The Body Keeps the Score

The Light We Carry by Michelle Obama

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