#59: EM Over Easy Interview with Dr. Andy Little

This week we're sharing a podcast we did onsite at ACOEP23 with EM Over Easy Podcast's Dr. Andy Little. Hope you enjoy!

In this episode we discuss our personal moral injury journeys far before the COVID pandemic. Additionally we cover:

  • coaching teaches the same mindset tools commonly used in professional athletics and high level business but glaringly missing in medicine
  • perfectionism isn't helpful in the ED
  • peer coaching can fill a critical void for physician support
  • the importance of recognizing your value
  • the importance of being realistic about what is and what isn't in your control
  • so many times the thing you're beating yourself up about isn't your fault
  • don't downplay the good that you're doing
  • you're worthy inherently, and deserving of wellbeing - never listen to the shame gremlins
  • your coaching journey is fully dependent on the results you want for yourself and is considered skill building rather than mental health support
  • there is tremendous value, as team leaders, for EM docs to have coaching support to function optimally over the span of their careers

Quotable: "...the biggest piece is knowing my own value and knowing what is in my control and what is not in my control, and always having my own back. I always know that I show up and do the very best job I can do. And I will never, ever punish myself for thing that happen that are out of my control. And if I make a mistake, I'll say, okay, how can I avoid that in the future? But I am never going to rail on myself ever again." - Laura Cazier, MD

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