#51: Lessons from "Just One Thing" by Rick Hanson, PhD

Today we discuss some tips from Rick Hanson, PhD's book Just One Thing: Developing a Buddha Brain One Simple Practice at a Time for how to change your brain for better or worse.

Some highlights:

  • We are not our brains - we are the observers.
  • We can decide what is and isn't serving us and intentionally change our brains through neuroplasticity.
  • There are physiologic changes associated with neuroplasticity.
  • "Neurons that fire together, wire together." - Donald Hebb, PhD
  • Two important practices:
    • Be For Yourself - treat yourself as well as you'd treat a best friend or child. Choose things that are in your best interest. Don't diminish your own accomplishments.
    • Taking In The Good - knowing that our brains have a negativity bias, spend time in and relish the good on purpose.


Dr. Hanson's Book "Just One Thing"

Katrina Ubell, MD's podcast episode with Dr. Hanson


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