#50: Numbing Out (aka Buffering) with Heather Awad, MD

Dr. Heather Awad joined us to talk about buffering. She's a family physician in Minnesota, a weight loss coach at Vibrant MD, and has her own podcast called Vibrant MD Podcast. She is an expert at helping her clients stop buffering with overeating and joins us today to give some of her secrets. She coaches professional women over 50 to achieve permanent weight loss and talks a lot about buffering. Buffering is using anything to numb out or distract from feeling negative emotions. For example, overeating, overspending, over-scrolling, over-drinking are all ways people find to distract them from feeling things that may be uncomfortable. She says, "We look at all that kind of stuff, the ways that we use food that doesn't serve us and helps us avoid our feelings. When we use food to avoid our feelings, we're avoiding the full richness of our life, by trying to step out of experiences, by using food to do that".

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