#44: Thoughts, Feelings, Memories, & Triggers

In this episode, we start with a quick refresher of what thoughts and feelings are and where they come from.  We then take it a little further and introduce memories and triggers.  These are related in the fact that triggers surface as a result of a memory that was made in the past. This collection of thoughts created feelings at the time it was integrated in our mind and brain. Then, when an internal or external stimulus arises that triggers that memory, you experience those feelings all over again.  Sometimes it serves you and sometimes it doesn't.  This episode encourages recognition of the triggers and then seeking to figure out where they came from. Then doing the work to try to reframe that thought to produce a better feeling that produces a result that works for you now.

Acknowledgment goes to the amazing Dr Caroline Leaf and all of her work around the mind, brain and body connection.  Her website is and her podcast is called, "Cleaning up Your Mental Mess". Listen on Apple, Google or Spotify. 

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