#38: Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs, or this idea of learned helplessness, is a thought or belief about yourself that restricts you in some way. Usually these beliefs are actually false accusations that we make about ourselves. Usually they start somewhere in that non-conscious or subconscious mind. Sometimes we're not even aware that we have them because they've been a belief we've had maybe since our childhood or some other programming in the past. Which may have served us then, but are not serving us now. 

In this episode, we discuss what it would look like to become aware of where we have limiting beliefs and what we can do to challenge them for a better result. Once you become aware, we can actually do something about it. As humans, we do things that are comfortable or known because they require less energy and less energy means it's not a lot of effort and it just occurs. In our natural state, we're risk averse. We don't even try cause it'd be too much effort and energy. And so we take the path of least resistance. We choose this option because of the results that it has produced in the past. And the fact is, we believe that that same result will continue to happen. But in reality, we are choosing that option.

With the help of Tony Robbins and his “What do you believe? 16 limiting beliefs that are preventing you from thriving”, we can become aware and begin to change the thoughts that we have had and then work toward overcoming this to produce more positive results.

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