#37: Anger with Arpita Gupta-DePalma, MD

This week we are excited to introduce you to our friend, Dr. Arpita Gupta-DePalma. A pediatrician by training, she now specializes in coaching for anger. Today she gives some tips on what to do when anger is negatively affecting your life.


  • Many times anger is a secondary emotion. We feel angry because it feels more powerful, more protective, than something like disappointment or sadness. It can  feel better than embarrassment or shame, for example.
  • While most of the time anger gives us results that we don't want, it CAN be used to harness energy for change.
  • Changing from anger as a default requires a lot of grace. A lot of people have shame around it.
  • The first step is building awareness around your anger.
  • The second step is recognizing where it shows up in your body.
  • Next, Dr. DePalma recommends pulling yourself out of the situation. She many times will excuse herself to the bathroom.
  • Then you can process the anger and decide what you want to do.
  • There is tremendous power in pausing before responding to anger. Anger creates an imaginary sense of urgency.


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