#36: Thoughts, Beliefs, and Neuroplasticity

Did you know that every thought that comes into your mind is not true?  This was a mind-blowing revelation!  Get it? Ok, well just because we capture a thought in our conscious mind doesn't mean that we need to keep it, especially if it isn't a thought that serves us.  In this episode, we talk about where thoughts come from and how they form into a belief and what we can do to change them if they aren't serving us anymore!  Good news is there is decades of research on neuroplasticity and we just touch the surface of it on this show.  Enjoy!

  • we have tens of thousands of thoughts daily, 95% of those are on a nonconscious level. And so once you become aware of them and realize what is giving you your feelings, that then drives your actions and results, gives you a whole lot more explanation for why you are, where you are in life and what to do to change it...the idea of neuroplasticity
  • beliefs are really thoughts that we have thought over and over again
  • sometimes our beliefs and our reality reflect each other and they kind of compliment or coincide with each other and that's comfortable or that is what we've created so that we don't feel tension. When they contradict, on the other hand, tension is created.

People/places/things mentioned:

Byron Katie 

The Hiding Place -

Brooke Castillo 

Bob Ross 

Dr Caroline Leaf, "Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess" 


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