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#34: Our Prescriptions for Others

We are all very familiar writing a prescription.  But did you know that you actually have prescription for people?  You have a name (label), instructions on how they should act or behave and how much they should behave that way in a given situation.  This contributes to why we have the kinds of thoughts we have in certain situations.  This can be positive or negative.  Most of the time when a feeling is negative, it is because we have created a negative script about this person.  What can we do about it?  In this episode, the team candidly describes many examples of our effects of the prescriptions we have for people and how to change them to serve us in a more productive and positive way!

Favorite quotables:

  • ...the circumstance is neutral. It's our thoughts about it that give us our feelings.
  • And here's the curious thing is that most of the time, we've never told these people that we have this prescription for them. They don't even know. We just think that they should somehow be able to read our minds and respond in the way that we want to.
  • The biggest bottom line of everything that we're gonna try to teach you is that we are in control of our own experience. We're in control of ourselves. We are not in control of anyone else.
  • We have to accept that people come in a package and that is them. That is on them, their choices to act how they're acting comes from their thoughts, which causes their feelings, which causes their action, which gives them their  result. None of that has anything to do with our happiness or our desired result.
  • But getting curious is something that's usually available to me. Like I wonder what they're thinking, or I wonder why they said that...
  • But what a lot of our clients are realizing is that, what serves us so well in the hospital building, many times is the same thing that is ruining our experience outside of the hospital building.
  • We can just realize that our own experience is up to us and we can have a good experience whenever we choose to. That's always available to us. We can always be at peace. We can always feel gratitude. We can always feel some excitement. Sometimes it's harder than others, but these things are all available to us because they're just coming from our thoughts.

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