#29: Self Determination Theory Part 2

In this episode we continue the discussion on the Self Determination Theory, originally presented by Deci and Ryan in 1985. It suggests intrinsic motivations lead to higher fulfillment than extrinsic motivations (see episode #28). For continued motivation, engagement, psychological growth and development, the following three components are necessary:

  • competence - the feeling of mastery or being effective in one's environment
  • relatedness - connected to others with a sense of belonging
  • autonomy - the sense of feeling in control of the direction of one's life

For many working in medicine, the sense that one or more of these essential components is weak or missing leads to disengagement, lack of fulfillment, burnout, and possibly even leaving medicine altogether. We discuss how using thought work can nourish what we may not have even realized we were missing.


Deci and Ryan,1985 article, "Self-Determination and Intrinsic Motivation in Human Behavior."

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