#35: Organizational Wellbeing with Hani Chaabo, MD

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In this episode, you get to meet one of our favorite humans, Dr. Hani Chaabo. He's a family doctor with integrative medicine training, now serving as the medical director of wellbeing at his hospital in Ridgecrest, CA He speaks with us about organizational wellbeing.

Some highlights:

  • 70-80% of burnout is actually institutional - related to high workload and job demand that are disproportionate to the available resources to the clinician
  • burnout is the highest in healthcare, more than any other helping profession
  • burnout leads to decreased quality of care
  • the bureaucratic admin burden of healthcare is uniquely to the United States
  • prioritizing wellbeing is actually lucrative to an organization in many ways
  • some things that organizations do that don't work:
    • scapegoat physicians
    • many of the typical things done in the Era of Distress
  • some things that organizations do that DO work:
    • incorporating people's voice
    • allowing more autonomy
    • give a sense of meaning and purpose
    • allow workers to feel like they're growing in their work environments
    • leaders being led by the changes the team wants to see
    • compassionate communication and culture
    • appoint wellbeing leaders
  • "Everybody who has traveled through their suffering and found healing was able to change the world somehow." - Dr. Hani Chaabo


Joy in Medicine Framework

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Wellbeing 2.0 Framework

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