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#21: 10 Signs of Emotional Maturity Pt. 1

In this episode we start a series on the 10 Signs of Emotional Maturity as laid out in this article from This follows our introduction on Emotional Maturity in Episode #20 explaining what it is. But here are some characteristics of someone exhibiting emotional maturity:

#1: Being Flexible - when things don't go according to plan, emotionally mature people can roll with it and come up with Plans B or even C. They don't let speed bumps derail the entire plan.

#2: Taking Ownership and Responsibility - an emotionally mature person has self-honesty and acceptance. They don't need someone to blame when things go wrong. They can objectively look at their contribution in the situation- for more understanding and a better chance to course correct.

#3: Knowing that They Don't Know Everything - an emotionally mature person is much more interested in learning than always being right.

 Next week we will tackle 3 more characteristics of emotionally mature people.


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