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#20: Emotional Adulthood

In this episode, we discuss how to go from emotional childhood to emotional adulthood and what that looks like as we progress from one into the other.  We share some candid and real stories in our own lives of becoming aware of when we moved into emotional adulthood from a place of victimhood and blaming. Enjoy our show!


  • Amanda, "When we stay in that disempowered place, that's called emotional childhood. When we move into an emotional adulthood, that is when we start taking responsibility and realizing that only we have control of how we feel."
  • Laura, "Instead of judgment, I started to look with curiosity myself and decided that I could have a relationship with my dad that was positive. And even, he passed about five years ago, I still have a relationship with him. The relationships that we have are in our minds and even the ones that we have from the past, whether they're good or bad, that's also in our minds."
  • Laura: "Instead, I now am Laura and I've had experiences that have changed me. But now I've allowed them to be a source of strength and a source of love and compassion and grace for other people." 
  • Kendra, "But when we operate from an emotional childhood, we actually use a lot of blame. And so we blame others for how we're feeling or we blame others for the actions they do because in a way we're kind of trying to control their actions. Because we want the result that will make us feel better. When, in reality, we can't control other people. We can't control what they're thinking, what they're saying or what their actions are."