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#19: Self Confidence

In this episode we discuss the difference between confidence, self-confidence, and arrogance.

  • Confidence is what you gain from past experience, whereas self-confidence is trusting that you have what it takes for your future.
  • Self-confidence is different from arrogance in that arrogance comes from a place of lack, whereas self-confidence comes from a place of abundance.

Some of our favorite moments:

  • "Self-confidence is...being secure i yourself and your abilities, your ability to trust yourself, knowing that you can experience any emotion, including failure without being harmed."
  • "Self-confidence is...your overall opinion of yourself."
  • "Self-confidence is...knowing that you're gonna show up for yourself, that you're gonna have your own back. No matter what happens, you are not gonna tear yourself apart."
  • "Self-confidence yourself unconditional love and encouragement."
  • "Self-doubt is the opposite of self confidence. That's where we question our abilities." We question our value as a person. When we mess up, we criticize ourselves."
  • "When we have self-confidence, we know that we can try hard things- even things that have a risk of failure- because we're not afraid of how we're going to feel. And we're not afraid of how we're gonna treat ourselves in the aftermath."
  • "Most of the worst things that ever happened to us are just in our heads."
  • "You can be self-confident to have the courage to do something a little bit fearful because you're willing to feel that feeling."
  • "Arrogance is...the opposite of self-confidence. It's FALSE self-confidence, trying to make yourself seem bigger than somebody. Self-confidence isn't in a comparison trap."
  • "People who are coming from a place of abundance and wholeness and love, they don't hurt people."
  • "If you're coming from a place of arrogance, you're so petrified that you're going to be judged."
  • "Self-confidence comes from a place of abundance and safety and knowing that we aren't going to judge ourselves negatively."
  • "What you are today is not have control over where you're going."
  • "We have to be willing to experience discomfort consistently to start building on our self-confidence...we have to be able to be comfortable in that place of discomfort, feeling those negative feelings in order to grow."
  • "Failure earns success...worry only pretends to be necessary."
  • "Bottom line is: love who you are."
  • "You can believe that you're doing the best you can with the knowledge you have now."