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#15: Unconditional Love

This episode we discuss Unconditional Love, both for ourselves and other people in our lives.

Unconditional Love:

  • assumes people are doing the best they can
  • drops unrealistic expectations
  • is a choice
  • gives grace
  • is for the benefit of the GIVER of unconditional love
  • choosing the feeling of love (in spite of human imperfection) feels so much better in our bodies than the alternatives
  • starts with unconditional love for ourselves. It’s hard to do something that you’ve never experienced yourself
  • doesn’t mean you diminish yourself. You can still choose to love someone and leave, out of love for yourself
  • absolutely includes healthy boundaries and consequences
  • isn’t people pleasing. It comes from a place without expectations of appreciation and reciprocation, and isn’t in exchange for being liked.
  • isn’t the norm- many of us have only experienced conditional love



  • “But the truth is unconditional love feels so good and so amazing. And we can choose it any time.”
  • “That feeling that you’re experiencing, when you’re judging and loathing somebody, that person’s not feeling it, only you are.”
  • “You’re only punishing yourself, carrying these judgemental, loathsome attitudes.”
  • “Humans are humans. They get to act however they are going to act. You cannot control them, but you can still choose unconditional love.”
  • “What is love anyway…it is the sincere and earnest desire for the wellbeing of someone.”
  • “I first need to allow myself to experience unconditional love, which means I have grace for myself.”
  • “There’s a lot of forgiveness. There's a lot of grace, and it actually is truly very freeing.”
  • “I love being able to look at myself and see all my own faults, idiosyncrasies, shortcomings, and still be my own cheerleader.”